Boundless Voyage Swan Neck Kettle 800 ml Titanium Kettle Coffee Cup Set with Anti-scalding Handle Indoor Outdoor Camping Teapot


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Brand: Boundless Voyage
Item: Ti1592B/ Ti1593B
Material: 99.8% titanium (kettle, cup and handle)
Size: Φ(97.4+109) x (H)127.5 mm (kettle), Φ60 x (H)54 mm (cup)
Capacity: 800ml (kettle), 100ml (cup)
Weight: about 223g (kettle), 49.5g (cup)
1. Made of Titanium, healthy, lightweight and eco-friendly.
2. Anti-scalding Handle design,reduce the danger of scalding.
3. Both fire and induction cooker are available, more convenient to use.
Place of Origin: China







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