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Material: Advanced hard alumina
Cooker specifications: 166x89mm
Frying pan specifications: 167x39mm
Teapot capacity: 800 ml (140 mm in diameter, 80 mm in height, 90 mm in diameter, 18 mm in diameter)
Double stainless steel insulated teacup 2 175 ml
In addition, a set of three sets of cutlery spoons and a set of hiking trails (random colors)
Weight: 940g (including mesh bag and color box package)
Packing list: 
1* Saucepan
1* Frying pan
1* Teapot
2* Stainless steel tea cup
1* Set of tableware (1* spoon, 1* fork, 1* knife)
1* Carabiner (random color)
1* Storage net bag


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