Pet food scale cats and dogs quantitative feeding bowl milk powder kitchen scale portable pet supplies 800g/1g


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1. Precise feeding to prevent pets from obesity or malnutrition! Make your pet’s diet more balanced.

2. Measure food: This is a great measuring tool for feeding and cooking!

3. Four units of measure: Effective units of measure are grams, milliliters, cups, and ounces. Weigh solid and liquid ingredients such as flour, beans, seasonings and water.

4. Simply press the UNIT button to switch the measurement unit.

5. Removable spoons: Removable spoons are easy to clean and maintain, making them safe and healthy.

6. The electronic weighing spoon has a clear LED display model with clear and easy-to-read accurate graphics.

Material: ABS (can withstand -20 to 100 ℃)


Power supply: only one CR2032 button battery (do not buy other types of batteries when buying batteries)

Range: 800 grams

Accuracy: 1g

Unit: g / ml / cup / ounce / liquid ounce

Size: Total length 23 cm, spoon height 5 cm, spoon width 9.5 cm, spoon length 11 cm

Package includes

1 x pet food scale (without battery)

Tip: Dimensions are measured manually. There may be some errors, please understand!




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