Two in One Automatic Anti bark 1500ft remote pet Dog training electric shock collar bark with free anti abrasion buckle& whistle

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Automatic Anti bark collar & Dog training collar Two in One dog shock collar training Remote 1500ft range dog electric collar bark

(with Anti abrasion Buckle to Prevent skin abrasion)

Name: Two in One Device Electric Dog
Training collar Anti bark stop collar
Color: Black/Orange TPU collar,
Reflective Nylon collar
Function: Sound Vibration & Shock
Feature 1: With both Automatic bark collar and
Remote training collar Function
Feature 2: Rechargeable with long battery life,
long standby time
Feature 3: 1500 Feet Remote Distance control
Feature 4: Waterproof IPX65
Feature 5: Combined Training modes remote
dog training collar
Sensitivity: 1-100 Adjustable Sensitivity Levels
Apply dogs: Suitable for all size dog



Only need A type of Dog Training Collar,
Teaching Dogs in Good Behavior,
We are still Good Friends!

Kindly Reminder

The automatic anti bark function can be closed, press the remote power button for 3 seconds, when the receiver ‘beep’ for 2 times, the automatic anti bark function closed; let’s press the remote power button for 3 seconds again, when the receiver ‘beep’ for 1 time, the automatic anti bark function opened. 

Selling Points:

* Easy Handle
* Waterproof
* 500m Remote Distance
* Strong Penetration
* Long standby time
* Suitable for Muti kinds of Dogs
* With anti abrasion buckle to prevent skin abrasion

When Walking dog Outsite, Open the Remote Control Mode

* Correct Dogs beat people
* Correct Dogs chase cars
* Correct Dogs bite people
* Correct Dogs can’t drag back
* Correct Barking always
* Correct Disobedient

When Dogs at home Alone, Open the Automatic Anti bark Mode

* Bark at Mid-night
* Bark when at cage
* Bark when heaing anything
* Bark at stranger
* Bark when nobody at home
* Complaint by neighbours

Incorrect Teaching Leads to Dog behave more grumpy and unreasonable

1. Vocal cord cutting(pain and harmful)
2. Training by beating or shouting(waste time and energy)
3. Anti barking mask(easy falling off and not nice at all)
4. Encage the dog(unable for pets to recognize their own mistakes)

Super Power Anti bark collar

Good at Passing through Wall, through to the end.

No interference laboratory remote control distance is around 500m, penetrating the wall and trees stc., there is no direction restriction for you to train the dog at various kinds of environments.

Super long standby time

High-efficiency lithium battery charging for 2 hours
Receiver could last for 7 days, and remote is about 15 days.


Easy handle More convenient
Three modes to meet the Needs
Humanize design, the choice for the true lovers


Before using the electric shock function, you could first remind the pet by using the vibration (warning tone). When the dog has the stress reaction, we could reduce the current, or just use the vibration. After all, we love dogs so when train them, no one wants the dogs are often punished by electric shock!

About Anti-abrasion Buckle:

After training the dog for sometime that we have already corrected dogs’ bad behaviors, we can put the anti abrasion buckle on the receiver, and then let the dog keep wearing the collar. The flat shape soft silicone material makes the dog’s neck more comfortable, on the other hand, the non-conductive silicone material is isolate with electric and prevent hurting the dog from being accidentally pressed the electric shock mode.
At the same time, when we use the collar single as the anti bark collar, the electric shock collar with insulated anti-abrasion buckle has a certain deterrent effect to the dog but takes no hurt. It will still casue warning sound if he is barking, pets are very clever and remember the electric shock usually comes after the warning sound, so he will still keep obedient and silent, it will has a good effect for anti barking, but takes no hurt to your lovely pets.

The TPU and Nylon material collar is adjustable and could be cut according to the dog

(left is reflective Nylon collar, right is the TPU collar)
the collar circumference is around 60cm, could be cut according to dog’s neck length.

Blow to the sensitivity hole at the middle of the device

The first and the second time, it will produce the warning sound. When the device works at the third time, the static electricity is emitted. Put the white test lamp on the two electrode screws of the device could test the electric shock function and the test lamp will emit light. After the product works for seven times, the indicator light will enter into fast flashing state, the device will stop working for 1 minute, and enter into the initial standby state, and then cycle.

Wear the Receiver Collar Correctly

Correctly adjusting the collar size, better to leave some space with 2 fingers when wearing the collar on dog’s neck; too tight will hurt dog’s skin, and too loose may lead to not working.

Suitable for multi kinds of Dogs like pets age over 2 months, weight 2-110 lbs, with neck circumference of 5-60 cm (e.g. Teddy, Husky, Golden Retriever, Samoyed, Labrador)

1. Vibration and shock level Increase Key
2. Vibration and shock level Reduce Key
3. Power on/off Key
4. Warning sound Key
5. Electric shock Key
6. Vibration Key

The receiver/sensor weight:

Around 50g or 0.11lbs (the TPU collar is not included)

The collar size could be adjusted from 30mm to 60mm, the extra length can be reduced and adjusted according to the size of dog’s neck.

Product List

1. Remote 2. Electric column 3. TPU/Nylon collar
4. Receiver 5. Hanging rope 6. Cable
7. Test Lamp 8. Anti-abrasion Buckle
9. English using manual
10. Gift colored whistle

Remote Mode Introduction: 

Could train 2 dogs at the same time: A remote could control two receivers separately , please contact our customer service of you need this type. 

Warning sound: To remind Dogs not doing something dog keepers don’t want by producing the warning sound from Device. 

Vibration: Training and Punishing Dogs’ bad behavior by the 1-100 levels vibration, this is in less intensity for Dog punishment

Shock: Training and Punishing Dogs’ bad behavior by the 1-100 levels shock, this is more intensity for Dog punishment

Smart Automatic Mode Introduction

Electric shock: The electric shock intensity will increase step by step, the first and second time was waning sound only, the rest 5 times were electric shock. Total 7 times working. After the 7 times working, the device will stop working for 30 seconds, and enter into the initial standby state, and then cycle.

Open or Close The automatic anti bark function: Make sure the device is in Power on state, Long pressing the Remote Switch button “3” seconds, when the receiver “beep” 1 time, the automatic anti bark function opened. 

Long pressing the remote switch key 3 seconds, when the receiver ”beep” 2 times, the automatic anti bark function closed. 

Using Instruction

Switch on/off: How to switch on/off receiver: Short press the switch on/off button, it will power on; Press again and the device beep for long, the device is off.


When received goods we need to charge the device for 3 hours in the off state

When we shake the receiver, it will produce sound. this is the induction ball inside the receiver, not the quality problem.

Every dog reacts differently to the electric shock and vibration. It is recommended to start the test from low level when using electric shock or vibration mode. The continuous wearing time should not exceed 10 hours.


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